Surviving Steam Locomotives in Utah

Last updated 12/12/98

In addition to the replicas at Golden Spike National Monument, and the #618 at Heber City, there are several steam locomotives in storage or on static display at various locations around the state. The three steamers in the photos below are on display at the Ogden Station Railroad Museum in downtown Ogden. According to Wes Barris' list, there are a couple of Mikado's in storage near the SP(D&RGW) shops in Ogden, another 0-6-0 in Provo and a 4-8-4 FEF in Salt Lake. There are also a few amusement park steam locomotives too.

Maybe in one of my future visits to the state...

Southern Pacific #1297 is an 0-6-0 originally built by Alco-Brooks in 1908 for the Arizona Eastern RR Co as their #38. It was leased to the SP in 1924 and was renumbered #1297. It was transferred to the SP in 1955, and donated to the City of Ogden in 1958. (57K 768x400 jpg)

Union Pacific 0-6-0 #4436 was built by Baldwin in 1918 and was donated to the City of Ogden in 1958. (51K 736x368 jpg)

3ft gauge locomotive #223 is a C-16 class 2-8-0 built by Grant Locomotive Works in 1881 for the Denver and Rio Grande RR Co. It operated throughout Colorado and on the D&RG narrow gauge mainline to Salt Lake City before that route was standard gauged. The 223 was donated to the City of Salt Lake City by the D&RGW in 1941. (68K 768x512 jpg)

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