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Rayonier 3, Departed WA

Here is a photo that Troyce Brooks kindly lent me of #3 when it was on display in Hoquiam.

Rayonier #3 is now in storage at the Port of Tillamook Bay in Oregon.

Rayonier #3 is a 24 ton 2-truck shay built in 1910 for East Kootenay Logging Company in British Columbia. It eventually passed through several owners, the last being Rayonier. It was too light for logging work so Rayonier used it for track work. It was restored by Rayonier and briefly operated in 1955. It was then placed on display at Promised Land Park, north of Hoquiam. At some point, the logging equipment displays at Promised Land Park were moved to Hoquiam, where Troyce Brooks took the photo. I\'m not sure when it was moved to Mineral, but the plan is to restore and operate it.