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0-4-4T #9

Originally built by Davenport for Vancouver Machinery Depot in 1920, this 0-4-4T became Canadian Sugar Factories #9 in 1933. It was acquired by a private owner and moved to Thorp WA in 1972. It\'s been at Moses Lake Iron and metal for several years now. I have no information on the caboose.

Located at the \"House of Poverty Museum\" that\'s part of Moses Lake Iron and Metal. The \"Mon\" in \"Mon-Road\" is for Monte Holm, the owner of Moses Lake Iron and Metal. Monte seems to welcome vistors if he\'s not too busy. In addition to railroad memorabilia and equipment (and there\'s a lot, including two BN cabooses and a SP&S business car that is in excellent shape!), there\'s agricultural equipment, branding irons, antique cars, tractors and the largest collection of small gasoline engines I\'ve ever seen.