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GN 1147, Wenatchee

Great Northern F-8 class 2-8-0 #1147 was built by Rogers in 1902. It was donated to the City of Wenatchee in 1956.

Here is the text on the sign which is just visible below the steps to the cab:

\"This memorial to the \"Iron Horse\" of the era of steam-engine no. 1147 was given to the City of Wenatchee by The Great Northern Railway Company to serve as a symbol for generations to come of the tools which developed an empire.

Designed for service on steep grades, this consolidation type locomotive was built by Rogers Locomotive Works in 1902, the first of a series by that builder for The Great Northern. It is a G.N. class F-8 with a 2-8-0 wheel arrangement, and was one of the last steam engines on The Great Northern rails in the Pacific Northwest.

No. 1147 did its first duty between Leavenworth and the Columbia Basin soon after delivery. It was assigned to Wenatchee between 1916 and 1948 and hauled the longest train for its class over the Wenatchee-Oroville branch.

The 78 foot section of track on which it stands duplicates in every detail the standard Great Northern main line track of 115 pound steel, fully tie-plated, spiked and anchored on creosoted ties imbedded in 24 inch crushed rock ballast.

This engine and tender where moved to this site on May 21, 1956. No. 1147 and tender weigh nearly 129 tons. Engine and tender are 69 feet 8 1/2 inches long. Height from rail to top of stack is 15 feet 4 inches. Originally a coal burner it was converted to oil in 1913.\"