Camp 6 Logging Exhibit

The Camp 6 Logging Museum is located in Point Defiance Park in Tacoma Washington. It is part of the Western Forest Industries Museum. The setting and exhibits are intended to give you a flavor of what logging was like in the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest during the hey day of steam powered logging.

Exhibits include various steam \"donkey\" engines (including a Willamette!), High Lead systems (the cable systems used to drag or carry the logs from the point where the tree had been cut down to the rail siding), Yarders, and Loaders.

Of particular interest (to me at least), are the Quinault Railcar Camp and Pacific Coast Shay #7.

The Railcar Camp (picture below) was the last operating rail car camp in the Pacific Northwest. The camp provided a mobile place for the loggers to live, and as soon as a stand of trees was \"cut out\" the camp would be moved. The camp cars are built on flat cars (several of these flat cars are of historical interest themselves).

Shay #7 was built in 1929 and is rumored (storied?) to have been on the erecting floor when the stock market crashed. This 90 ton locomotive was one of two shays in the last all steam logging operation in Washington. It came to the museum in 1964 from St. Regis Paper Co.\'s Klickitat Log & Lumber Co. in Klickitat Washington.

#7 has been in storage for the last few years. It\'s in need of an overhaul and new tubes. Funding is being sought, but no one I talked to is optomistic. They now use a small diesel engine.

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Camp 6 is operated by the Tacoma Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society and you can visit their web page at: Camp 6 Logging Museum.

The historical information here is derived from an informational brochure that was funded by the City of Tacoma\'s Cultural Resources Division and Department of Planning and Development Services. The personal observations and opinions are mine.