Surviving Steam Locomotives in Colorado

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This is a web page featuring photos I've taken of some of the surviving steam locomotives on visits to Colorado. The locomotives at The Cumbres & Toltec, Durango & Silverton, and Georgetown Loop railroads have their own pages...

This page is very much a work in progress. I have a lot of photos and notes. Rather than try to get it all done at one time, I'll be spreading the effort out over a few weeks, or months.

I'll be adding updates regularly for a while, so stop back often. As always, your comments and corrections are always welcome!

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Colorado Central
 #71 What I can say for sure, is that this is a 3ft gauge, outside frame, 2-8-0 and currently carries the number 71. The builders plate on the side of the smoke box gives the CN as 35990, which my records say was built by Baldwin in 7/1911 as the Ferrocarril Coahuila-Zacatecas (CyZ) Railroad in Mexico's #12. However, my records say it was built in 1911, and the plate on the locomotive says 1898. I don't think Baldwin was building outside frame NG locomotives for export in 1898, but I don't know that for certain. In 1965 this locomotive began it's north of the border journeys. It was sold, resold, and donated several times eventually winding up in front of a bank in Palmer Lake, CO for several years where it had the fictious D&RG 71 number. It was then sold to one of the casinos and moved to Blackhawk. It was given this "circus" paint job, relettered for the Colorado Central RR and retained the fictious number 71. (82K 768x512 jpg)


Colorado and 
 Northwestern Rwy #30 This 3ft gauge C&S class B-4-F 2-8-0 was built by Brooks Locomotives works (later part of Alco) in 6/1898 for the Colorado & Northwestern Rwy at Boulder and carried the road number 30. It carried that road number through a few corporate consolidations and was eventually sold to an equipment dealer in 1919. It was sold to the C&S, becoming the #74 in 1921, and sold back to the dealer in 1945. It was sold the Rio Grande Southern in 1949 keeping the #74 and was donated to the city of Boulder in 7/1952. The locomotive and accompanying rolling stock have been the subject of much vandalism (including the complete destruction of a caboose by dynamite by students from CU) so the fence was erected around them. I've heard that there is an effort under way to restore the locomotive to operation. (85K 768x400 jpg)

Central City

Colorado and 
Southern #71 This 3ft gauge Colorado & Southern class B-4-E 2-8-0 was originally built by Burnham, Williams & Co. (i.e. Baldwin) for the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railway Co. in 1/1897 as their #9. It became the Colorado & Southern #71 in a corporate consolidation in 1/1899 and was donated to the Central City Opera House Association in 6/1941. It was operated for a time on a tourist railroad in Central City, moved to Silver Plume, then hauled back to Central City where it was placed on static display in front of the Coeur d'Alene mine, which overlooks the city (where I understand several parts were promptly stolen), and finally placed on display in front of this casino. (78K 768x512 jpg)

Colorado Springs

D and RG #168 This 3ft gauge D&RG class T-12 4-6-0 was built by Baldwin in 2/1883 for The Denver & Rio Grande Railway Co. and has kept the number 168 thoughout it's 50 years of service, and was retired in 1933. It was donated to the City of Colorado Springs in 1938. This engine pulled the first D&RG passenger train from Denver to Ogden UT in May 1883. (78K 768x384 jpg)

Cripple Creek - Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

CC&V's #1 is an 60cm gauge 0-4-4-0 compound mallet built by Orenstein & Koppel (Germany) in 1902 for a mining company in Mexico. It was acquired by a private party in Boulder CO in 1964, and in 1967 was sold to the CC&V. (67K 768x512 jpg)

Cripple Creek
 and Victor #4 The CC&V #4 is an 0-4-4-0 simple Meyer mallet built by Bagnall (UK) in 1946 for a South African sugar plantation. It arrived in the U.S. in 1968. (85K 768x512 jpg)

Cripple Creek
 and Victor #2 The CC&V #2 now an 0-4-0, was built by Henschell (Germany) in either 1936 or 1948 for use in a stone quarry. It was acquired by a private party in Florida in 1965, sold again in 1967, and arrived at the CC&V in 1970. (95K 768x512 jpg)

Denver - The Forney Transportation Museum

Forney Locomotive This 0-4-0 Forney was built by Porter in 1897 and was probably used as a locomotive for "elevated" trains. (68K 768x512 jpg)

Henschel 0-4-0WT This 0-4-0WT locomotive was built by Henschel in 1930 and arrived at the Forney Museum in 1962. (69K 608x512 jpg)

UP Big Boy 4005 Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" 4005 was built by Alco in 8/1941. It was donated to the Forney Museum in 1970. (56K 768x368 jpg)

Download a larger, 1536x704 147K sized photo of 4005.

C and NW #444 Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. 4-6-0 #444 was built by Alco in 1906. It was sold in 1958 to the Black Hills Central Railroad then sold again in 1968 to the Forney Transportation Museum. (50K 704x336 jpg)


D&RG No.315 This 2-8-0 was orginally built by Burnham, Williams & Co. (Baldwin) as the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad's #3 Elkton. It was sold to the D&RG in 1917 and became the #425. It was renumbered to the #315 in 1924 when the D&RG was reorganized into the D&RGW. It was donated to the City of Durango in 1950. (768x512 105.6K jpg)


Loop RR #44 The Georgetown Loop's 3ft gauge, outside frame 2-8-0 #44 was built by Baldwin in 1921 for Guatemala Railway Co as their #54, and was renumbered #44 in 1928. It arrived at the Colorado Central in 1968, and was moved to Silver Plume in 1973. It operated on the Georgetown Loop, but now requires extensive repairs and is stored at this park in Georgetown.

In May 2000, the #44 was hauled back up the hill to Silver Plume and restoration is planned to start soon. Sister locomotive, the #40, has been leased to the White Pass & Yukon Railroad in Alaska.

(88K 768x512 jpg)

Idaho Springs

Colorado and
 Southern #60 C&S 3ft gauge 2-8-0 #60 was built by Rhode Island Locomotive Works in 1886 as the Utah & Northern Railway Co. #263. It finally became the C&S #60, through corporate reorganizations in 1899. It was donated, (actually abandoned in place) to the City of Idaho Springs in 1941. This locomotive was typical of C&S power and operated between Denver and Silver Plume and over the Georgetown Loop. (58K 768x336 jpg)

Colorado and 
 Southern #60 (72K 768x512 jpg)

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