The Anacortes Railway

Last Updated: January 4, 2004

The Anacortes Railway ceased operations in 1999 after it's founder, Tommy Thompson, passed away. The locomotive and trainset are now stored at the Georgetown Steam Plant Museum in south Seattle.

The founder of the Anacortes Railway, Tommy Thompson, spent 25 years hand building his locomotive and rolling stock. His use of hardwoods and craftsmanship, make this one of the most beautiful trains you'll see anywhere.

The Forney type locomotive was originally a compressed air locomotive built by H.K. Porter in 1909 for the Homestake Mine. Tommy acquired it, and designed the boiler which he had fabricated in Seattle. The locomotive is fueled by large chunks of bark from fir trees. It is probably the sweetest locomotive exhaust you're ever going to smell!

A closeup of the Forney locomotive. (93K 768x512 jpg)

The train waiting by the former NP depot. (47K 768x320 jpg)

Turning the locomotive on the north turntable. Tommy and his brakeman are also throwing more fuel onto the water tank. (95K 768x512 jpg)

This is a compressed air mining locomotive that is probably of the same type that Tommy used to build his locomotive. This one is on display at the Inland Empire Railroad Museum at the Spokane County Fairgrounds in Spokane WA. (81K 720x480 jpg)

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