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Remlinger Farms, Carnation

Taking on passengers at \"Tolt River Station\".

Bob Moe operates this propane fueled, 24\" gauge, 4-4-0 locomotive, built in 1964 by Crown Metal Products at Remlinger Farms.

This is probably the closest place to Seattle to see a real live steam train. Bob has about 3500 feet of track including the balloon loops at each end. After doubling back, the total ride is about a mile long and takes about 15 minutes. (tolerable for non-railfans, too short for anyone else).

Remlinger Farms is located just south of Carnation on on Fall City-Carnation Road. This railroad has the distinct advantage that you\'ll probably be able to talk most of your family into going. Remlinger Farms is one of those you-pick berry farms with all kinds of food, garden plants, and a restaurant (We\'re not being paid to do an advertisment, so we won\'t say much more). Brian Fritz\'s niece, Rebecca, really liked the petting zoo; it was almost as much fun as the train.

The operating season tends to follow Remlinger Farm\'s busy season, roughly May through November. They\'re open daily during the summer and the nominal hours are 11:00 to 4:00. Bob will usually run the trains as long as there are folks willing to ride. The adult fare is $2.00, I\'m not sure about children.

Bob\'s railroad is visible from the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, which is the former Milwaukee Road extension to Everett WA, and now a popular, and quite long, rail trail.

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