More Steam Railroads and Locomotives

Last updated 1/28/07

Thanks for visiting. As you can see from the update dates, this page has become somewhat of a cob web. I\'ll try and fix that real soon now.

About the only stuff that hasn\'t changed much are the static displays, but that\'s not completely accurate as some have moved, and there are some new ones, specifically in Utah and Colorado. The information for The Colorado Railroad Museum and Georgetown Loop Railroads is way out of date as there have been substantial changes at both places in the past 3 years.

I\'m trying to find time to get my Washington state updates done, but I\'m dealing with a 4-5 year backlog.

Previous update 8/10/99

Here are web pages and photos of steam locomotives and railroads that I\'ve visited outside of Washington State.

Chasing steam locomotives isn\'t my main hobby, but it has provided me with an excuse to visit different parts of the western U.S.. In the past few years, I\'ve been to Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and New Mexico to photograph steam locomotives. It has also provided me with a reason to pick up my camera and start getting interested in photography again.

Steam Locomotives in Colorado

The Colorado Railroad Museum

Steam Locomotives in Wyoming

Steam Locomotives in Utah

Steam Locomotives in Idaho

Railroad Snowplows

BC Rail\'s Steam Locomotives

The SP&S 700

The SP 4449

The Sumpter Valley Railway

The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic

The Georgetown Loop

Golden Spike National Monument

Heber Valley Railroad

The Durango and Silverton Railroad

Other Steam Locomotive Links

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Wes Barris\' Steam Locomotive Information page is probably the most complete list of existing steam locomotives in the world. Be sure to check out his links to other steam locomotive web sites. There\'s lots of good stuff here.

The Railway Preservation News page has been started up to fill some of the void left by the much missed magazine Locomotive & Railway Preservation.

Surviving Steam Locomotives Photo Archive (New England, Minnesota, Virginia) is this page\'s New England compliment. Where are the others?

I\'ve also contributed several photos to The Railroad Snow Fighting Equipment Photo Gallery.