Yakima Valley Trolleys

The Yakima Valley Trolleys (YVT) is a unique operation in Washington state. While most railway museums have their steam and diesel locomotives, the YVT is an electrically powered electric traction railroad.

The zenith of electric traction companies was roughly from 1890 to 1920. Traction companies were formed all over the country to provide freight and passenger service to towns and communities that had been bypassed by the railroad main, and branch lines. After WWI, most trolley companies found they could no longer compete with truck lines, and privately owned automobiles, and most were gone by the beginning of WWII.

The YVT is one of the few lines that managed to hang on and survive, but only barely. In 2007, they celebrated their 100th anniversary. At it\'s height, the YVT had 44 miles of track and interchanged with the Northern Pacific at Yakima. Today, the YVT has about 5 miles of track; the north end is at Selah.

The operable passenger equipment include two trolleys imported from Portugal called \"Oporto\" units. The museum also owns two \"master unit\" cars that are native to the YVT and have been rehabilitated and returned to service.